If the answer is “yes” then Seung-ni Martial Arts might be the very answer you have been loooking for to help your son or daughter!

  • Samuel, age 5, excels when he can do something right away but when he struggles at all with a new challenge he usually gives up very quickly and gets down on himself.

  • Keegan’s parents are frustrated because he use to get good grades, but now that he is middle school he does not turn in his homework, does not seem to care about his grades and has no motivation.

  • In his preschool class, Alex has been getting notes home because he has been hitting other kids and often refuses to listen to the teacher.

  • Olivia gets no exercise, she just hangs out on the couch after school – eating, texting and spending time on the computer. She has a poor self image and struggles in school making friends.

  • Trevor has been getting bullied at school and now does not want to go school, pretends to be sick and dreads the bus ride and recess.

  • Seven year old Jack can stare at his video game and favorite cartoon for hours, but struggles focusing on his homework for more than a few minutes.

  • The twins Abigail and Anderson don’t show their mom and dad any respect, constantly argue and put up a big fight when asked to do chores or their school work.

  • Kate is so sensitive that any negative comment made to her by friends and classmates sends her reeling and has real low self-esteem.

  • A strong need to belong and always attracted to the “wrong crowd” – Stephen’s parents worry that that he will become a follower and peer pressure will take him down the wrong path.

  • Max is starting to get labeled in his elementary school as one of those “kids” and his teachers are suggesting he get tested for ADHD. Max’s mom and dad want to give him every opportunity to be succesful but are worried.

  • Living with her for the past several years, Gavin’s grandmother is concerned about the absence of a strong male role model in his life.

  • Eli’s mom is at her wit’s end because she has to ask her 4 year old son five or six times to go to bed, pick up his toys, get in his car seat, turn off the tv. Every seemingly simple request seems to end with her yelling.


Over the last two decades of teaching martial arts to thousands of Tri City Area children we have received countless stories just like these:

” Robby has really turned around his grades in school. He turns in his homework on time now, does less socializing and take pride in his improved grades.”

– Brandi J., Hemlock

“Jeremy was always been so clingy and hesitant to try new things. After starting dragon class we have really noticed a big change in his confidence and ability to handle new situations and environments. Drop off at day care has really improved.”

– Abe & Suzanne T., Saginaw

“It seemed that every request of Taylor led to an argument. From being asked to do a simple chore to going to bed was met with whinning and often a loud fight. Taekwondo has taught her respect. And, to be honest we have learned a lot about how to be better parents.

– Frank & Kayla E., Auburn


“When Cash was diagnosed with ADHD I wanted to give him every opportunity to be successful in school. I had heard about Seung-ni from the school counselor. It has been a god send. First, Cash can’t wait to go to class. And, he takes such pride in the new belts he has earned and the trophy he got for board breaking at the last tournament. Second, his ability to control his energy has increased greatly. I remember the first time he was asked to meditate with his class. He squirmed around so bad. Now after just a few months he can sit perfectly still for about 30 seconds. I didn’t think I would ever see that.”

– Brian, Swan Valley

” Hannah finally stood up to the girl who has been picking on her on the bus. They are now friends. Thanks Seung-ni.”

– James & Jil D., Sagina

Pretty awesome right?

but will it work for my son or daughter? And how does it all work? Here is the Seung-ni Martial Arts 7- Part Signature Program that makes sure every kid succeeds!

Running, jumping, agility courses, board breaking, push-ups, sit ups, flying side kicks – instead of being the soft, lazy kid sitting on the couch playing an action packed video game, our students will be building their body so they can actually do the cool moves that they see in the game. A “virtual workout” does not exist — martial arts training is REAL.

You cannot give a child confidence it must be earned. Children get confidence the same way adults do – by setting, working towards and achieveing goals. The belt ranking system in Taekwondo has built in short and long term goals. The students are earn new belts every 3 months by demonstrating their practiced skills, self defense moves and Korean words. The huge look of achievement on belt test day when that young student walks off the mats clutching a new belt to encouraging parents, hugs and photo taking says it all.

The Seung-ni students get monthly character development assignments that they can’t wait to turn in to earn stars and patches for their martial arts uniform. For instance, the SWAT homework instills patience (by challenging the students to put away their favorite toy for the month); pride (have to keep their bedroom clean for the month and invite parents in for bi-weekly inspections); respect (have to keep a list for everytime they say “yes sir” and “yes ma’am” to their parents and do as they are told the first time); and breaking bad habits (must select two bad habits to break in the month and enlist their parent’s help).

Students learn from their very first lesson about bowing to show respect and the tradition behind it. In addition, they must memorize and put into practice the 3 Seung-ni Rules of Respect: 1) Respect for Themselves – eating healthy, exercising and education, 2) Respect for Parents – kids respect their parents by obeying and that this respect is owed because of all the effort parents put forth in raising them, and 3) Respect for Teachers – listening to anyone that is trying to help us learn.

I do not hire teachers from want ads; all my instructors are former students who have trained with me for years and years. The young men and women instructors have been specifically selected because they are patient, friendly, kind and have a true passion for teaching martial arts to children. They all share the same Seung-ni Philosophy of making sure every child succeeds!

Little Dragons to Junior Black Belts can all recite the 4 Seung-ni Rules of Focus: 1) focus your eyes – look at who is talking to you; 2) focus your ears – listen to who is talking to you; 3) focus your mind – think about what is being said to you; 4) focus your body – keep your body still so your eyes, ears and brain can work best.

Grit is defined as the ability to keep working at a difficult challenage even though things are not going well. I personally believe grit is the most valuable trait a person possess. In today’s society with fast food, 100+ tv channels at the ready with a remote, video games available on every phone and I-Pad – children are use to getting what they want with little or no effort or sacrifice. The martial arts skills the students must master in order to earn their belts takes dedication, practice and persistence. Having to face and overcome systematically tougher and tougher challenges teaches grit the old fashioned way and arguably the only way…


We are offering you a free introductory program with 100% no obligations or commitment of any kind.

You will get to watch first hand how the expert black belt instructor interacts with, motivates and empowers you child.

Observe how their confidence soars from learning a vital self defense skill to back off any bully.

Listen wth a smile as they recite the 4 Rules of Focus and 3 Rules of Respect.

FREE MARTIAL ARTS UNIFORM (a $40.00 value). In addition, your son or daughter will get their own uniform at the beginning of the first lesson. And, they can keep the uniform as a gift even if you decide Seung-ni Martial Arts is not right for your family.

To schedule your child’s first lesson, just call 799-3040 (Saginaw) or 837-1700 (Midland) and tell them you want to register for the FREE Intro Program. And, remember if you do the Introductory Offer and love it – you can enroll your child as a regular student. However, if you do the intro lesson and decide that it is not what you are looking for there is no absolutely no obligation to continue and the uniform is yours to keep!