Womens Self-Defense Program

Don't be a victim.. BE ready...

SuengNi is a martial arts school in Saginaw, Michigan with franchise locations crossed the state of Michigan including Midland and Bay City that help woman gain skill to defend themselves.

Our program’s goal is to empower women and give them the tools they need to defend themselves against an attacker. The program has been successful in helping women feel more confident and safe, and has even helped some women avoid being attacked altogether.

This empowering program is perfect for mothers and daughters, teenagers, young ladies heading off to college soon and any female who would like to feel more confident in recognizing, avoiding and defending against violent attacks.

The course will cover the fundamentals of striking, pressure points, escapes, weapon defense and vital ground defense skills. Graduates of the course realize that they are not victims but have real life effective tools that are street tested! And, the techniques are simple and easy to learn. The students will develop both powerful mental and physical skills to identify, thwart and nullify potentially dangerous conflicts.

Non-intimidating, fun and informative — the defense course is taught by the highly trained and patient black belt instructors of Seung-ni. For all ages, so bring your sister, your daughter, your mom or co-worker and come get empowered!


In Saginaw, Michigan and the Tri Cities, the incidence of physical violence against women seems to be ever-present and seemingly on the rise. Employees walking to the parking lot at night, those exercising along the scenic trails, walking to your car after shopping at the mall, coming home from an evening out – the opportunity to find yourself in bad spot quickly can arise from seemingly rather innocuous everyday circumstances. To help protect you and your daughters, sisters and female friends we have developed the Seung-ni S.A.F.E Defensive System that is easy to remember, easy to implement and easy to share with those you care about.


Being smart when it comes to self protection, means being aware of the statistics and key patterns of violence against women and strategically planning your daily life to put the odds in your favor. We do it all the time in other parts of our life. We wear seat belts because of the chance of an accident. We get flu shots to reduce the odds that we may get sick. We put our retirement money in investment vehicles that statistically are more likely to reap larger returns. Then using this same logic when it comes to self protection just makes good sense. For instance, a key thing men look for in a possible victim is hairstyle. Predators are more likely to select a woman with a pony tail, braid or other hairstyle that can be easily grabbed. As such, a S.A.F.E. prevention step would be to simply tuck your hair inside a cap when you are heading out for a jog on the Tart Trail. And, women are abducted from grocery store parking lots more than any other location. Knowing this, a S.A.F.E. protocol to easily implement would be to try and shop with a friend or family member whenever possible. Little precautions can go a long way.


Although many have sought to live in Traverse City because it is away from the hustle and bustle of the big city - with hectic professional, personal, familial and social commitments it is still easy to find yourself running a mile a minute and totally absorbed into getting through your busy day. Those who prey on women are always looking to find someone who is playing with their smart phone, rummaging through their purse or otherwise distracted. For example, if you come out of the store and find your car parked next to a van or suspicious vehicle - get into your car via the passenger door as many women are abducted while trying to get into their car door. If you sense someone behind you in the street or confined space – turn confidently to look them in the face and ask them a question. Once you have seen their face clearly you can identify them in a police line-up and are no longer any “easy” victim. Stay aware – stay S.A.F.E.


When your gut tells you that you are in danger – trust your instincts and become your attacker’s sparring partner not their victim – that has to be your mindset. All the research about rapists says the same thing that they want very easy prey. So give them the direct opposite; give them what they fear. Be a fierce tiger. Predators are very skittish at the onset of any assault, they want to grab their victim and take them to a place where they will not get caught. So draw the line mentally in the sand at the first moment and fight with everything you got for as long as you got and with as much fierceness you can muster.


The weapons as your disposal to repel or deter a violent assault need to be simple, strong and effective. Here are a few important points to remember: 1.When in close quarter combat use strong elbows and knee strikes from Taekwondo; they are the strongest parts of your body and deliver big impact. And, when using these martial arts techniques try to target vitals such as the groin, nerve clusters and soft spots (like the eyes, nose and throat). 2.Be resourceful and use whatever is at your disposal. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu teaches women how to use their shirt sleeves or their attacker’s shirt collar as a weapon for devastating chokes. 3.The samurai were some of the greatest fighters to have ever lived. But, even they used a sword as an extension of their body to gain an advantage in battle. So, think about carrying an umbrella which can keep would be attackers beyond arm’s reach. Weapons will only be there when you need them if you practice and do mental situational training to keep them fresh for recall under pressure. For example, someone grabs you from behind, you envision yourself immediately spinning toward them into a deep stance (not what they are expecting), fire off a palm heel to the nose (bloody nose interferes with breathing and causes blurred vision), followed by two knee strikes to stomach or groin (temporarily disable) and then run to safety. Rehearsing in your mind how you will respond will make your defensive skills that much more effective. The Seung-ni S.A.F.E Defensive System – Stay Smart, Stay Aware, Stay Fierce and Stay Effective!