If you’re thinking about taking martial arts classes, you may be wondering if private lessons are worth the investment. private lessons can be a great way to learn martial arts, especially if you have specific goals in mind or you’re looking for a more personalized learning experience. Here are a few things to consider if you’re thinking about taking private martial arts lessons:

When it comes to martial arts, everyone learns at their own pace. If you‘re someone who picks up new skills quickly, you may not need as much oneonone time with an instructor as someone who learns more slowly. In general, though, private lessons can be a great way to ensure that you‘re progressing at the right pace for you. Private lessons also allow you to focus on specific goals. If you‘re interested in learning martial arts for selfdefense, for example, your instructor can tailor the lessons to help you achieve that goal. Finally, private lessons can simply be more convenient than group classes. If you have a busy schedule, it may be easier to work around private lesson times than group class times. Overall, private lessons can be a great option for those looking to learn martial arts. Whether you‘re interested in selfdefense, fitness,

Seung-Ni Academy offers both Taekwondo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as martial arts to instill confidence and pride while also improving strength and fitness. From ground grappling to striking, weapon defense to takedowns, submissions, joint locks, and the principles of leverage and momentum, students practice in every arena of potential physical threats. These techniques are useful for sharpening the mind and the body while preparing for potential real-world dangers.


Whether you are training for a competition, trying to increase physical conditioning, or just need a positive mental state, private lessons have helped many students reach their personal goals. Our martial arts school will help you balance your chi and generate a positive transformation. Turn to our instructors for personalized assistance in achieving your goals!

Seung-Ni Academy is encouraging, patient, and an ideal location for martial artists of all skill levels. We love helping students of all ages develop their skills and grow as individuals, and our team is ready to assist adult pupils with private lessons. Ready to get started? Get in touch with our martial arts academy in Saginaw or Midland to discuss your fitness plan!


We are offering you a free introductory program with 100% no obligations or commitment of any kind.

You will get to watch first hand how the expert black belt instructor interacts with, motivates and empowers you child.

Observe how their confidence soars from learning a vital self defense skill to back off any bully.

Listen wth a smile as they recite the 4 Rules of Focus and 3 Rules of Respect.

FREE MARTIAL ARTS UNIFORM (a $40.00 value). In addition, your son or daughter will get their own uniform at the beginning of the first lesson. And, they can keep the uniform as a gift even if you decide Seung-ni Martial Arts is not right for your family.

To schedule your child’s first lesson, just call 799-3040 (Saginaw) or 837-1700 (Midland) and tell them you want to register for the FREE Intro Program. And, remember if you do the Introductory Offer and love it – you can enroll your child as a regular student. However, if you do the intro lesson and decide that it is not what you are looking for there is no absolutely no obligation to continue and the uniform is yours to keep!